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Isnin, 27 Ogos 2012

10,000 Syrian refugees stuck in Turkish border

10,000 Syrian refugees stuck in Turkish border: "ANKARA, Aug 28: Some 10,000 Syrian refugees are waiting on the Syrian side of the border as Turkey rushes to build more camps to accommodate the influx and carries out more stringent security checks on the newcomers, Turkish officials said Monday.

The developments underscore the growing toll Syria's civil war is having on neighboring countries, several of which have seen a massive flow of Syrians trying to escape the conflict which activists estimate has killed more than 20,000 people since March of last year.

Turkey has so far taken in more than 80,000 Syrians, and all nine Turkish refugee camps along the border are full. Until recently, newcomers were being housed in schools, dormitories or sports centers near the border while Turkish authorities scamper to construct four new camps that will increase Turkey's capacity to 100,000 refugees."

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