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Sabtu, 20 Julai 2013


WAKE UP MUSLIMS SEE THE BRAVE GIRL ' American Lady A big slap on the face of Obama and all Muslim community by american lady raising her voice on killing of innocent Muslims . How strange is this that even American citizen can fel our pain but we just suffer and bear can't feel. insult in the United States — with Efrille Englisa, Sharifah Zahra, Raja Tayyab and Qiestiena Aliya Faiezi. Like · · Share Top Comments 9,560 people like this. 13,838 shares Sandra Kece Many Americans defend Muslims ... I know because I am one of them Like · Reply · 1,849 · 31 May at 07:18 80 Replies · 6 hours ago Lovie Dhang Yacub they can Kill Muslim but they can never kill ISLAM !!! Allahu Akbar ! ISLAM will Dominate the Whole World! The Best TRUE Religion Of ALLAH! Allah ,The Al-Malik! Like · Reply · 330 · 31 May at 01:45 via mobile 9 Replies · 11 hours ago Yusuf Oladimeji Lateef ALLAH said if u fail on ur duties he wil raise another pple dt wil do a same to we muslim.may allah be wit d lady. Like · Reply · 166 · 30 May at 23:51 via mobile Amin Popalzai if she were a muslim she will be called terrorist for telling the truth Like · Reply · 309 · 31 May at 05:58 Yasmina Oum Jawhara if she only farted , she will be called terrorist Like · 3 · 5 June at 03:43 Nego Negao they don't kill thousands but millions of muslims Like · 7 · 5 June at 09:02 Abdul Noor thank you very much may allah bless you amen Like · 3 · 5 June at 09:30 Meer Ariif Like · Thursday at 19:09 Nik Soleh if she was muslims,she could be the ustazah Like · 1 · Friday at 23:56 Suriyavarman Naidu Im not sure whether she is a muslim christian or any other religion,but she is fighting for mankind,things get worse when we see it as religion,oxsigen never belong to any religion so GOD... Like · 2 · 13 hours ago Write a reply... Abdulsalam Saheed The Prophet of Allah says:may d peace of Allah be upon him:The best of jihad is saying the truth in the presence of a forceful leader. Like · Reply · 696 · 31 May at 00:58 12 Replies Mudasir Raheem Allah ho akbar Like · Reply · 113 · 30 May at 23:17 via mobile 11 Replies Julius C. Francisco i am a christian here in the philippines and i do love muslims ppol! Like · Reply · 101 · 31 May at 13:28 8 Replies Tahaa Sufi Islam is the best. Like · Reply · 243 · 30 May at 23:14 via mobile 5 Replies Syed Sajeem Masha allah i suport the lion of ALLAH.,that girl ,(please like this page for latest islamic dawa news Like · Reply · 83 · 30 May at 23:15 via mobile 7 Replies Salahaldin Abdallah The truth has came, falsehood has perished, for falsehood by nature was about to perish. Like · Reply · 34 · 30 May at 23:27 Rifaat Abushi I salute her for her courage and may be she should be the presedent or may be Arab leaders can learn from her to stand up for their people and for their deeeeen Like · Reply · 33 · 31 May at 02:13 via mobile Iman Ali Manshalah may allah bless her the mouth of the true speaker can never stop good for her Allaahu akbar. Like · Reply · 33 · 31 May at 01:15 via mobile Minara Ali The look on Obama face, he was soo scared that he got to think a way to lie about this. I hope he die from pain death AMEEN Like · Reply · 27 · 31 May at 00:19 via mobile 6 Replies · 7 hours ago Mahin Sidiki He (obama) don't agree wht tht lady said huh....he has to give answer at the Judgement day lot of respect to the lady who feel the pain of Muslims we salute to this lady may Allah bless her for her kindness Ameen !! Like · Reply · 26 · 30 May at 23:42 Lamia Amir I totally respect that woman..... ALLAHU AKBAR FOR ISLAM Like · Reply · 22 · 31 May at 00:04 Javed Shafi Brave lady, we salute you for raising these issues. Like · Reply · 20 · 31 May at 01:04 via mobile Ahmad Arshi We, Muslims, are too busy in earning money and ditching our own people that we never would want to indulge in these sort of brave and meaningful act. May Allah (SWT) guide us to the right path and give us the courage. Ameen Like · Reply · 18 · 31 May at 13:40 5 Replies Fadli Ibn Hussain Irene Angie King You're so naive. Your understanding of Islam is pitifully Shallow. You believe 100% of what Mainstream MEDIA fed you. Read the Quraan. Study it. Only then truly,you'll not be fooled. Like · Reply · 15 · 31 May at 08:42 via mobile 1 Reply Mermaidia Rapunzal see non muslims r awaking now but what about pakistanies ? why they r still sleeping ? Like · Reply · 13 · 31 May at 01:26 5 Replies Shaikh Abdur Rab Subhan'Allah... The mouth of a true speaker can never stop..Ya Allah You are the One and the most glorious. Like · Reply · 13 · 31 May at 00:45 Chika Aizyah Zahra I salut of this girl , yes i love lslam and i love my country to , my ALLAH bless All muslim under the word amiin…ALLAHU AKBAR Like · Reply · 13 · 31 May at 00:39 via mobile Nur Farlyanna Massive respect to that lady... MasyaaAllah Like · Reply · 13 · 30 May at 23:27 via mobile Azizul Rahman More then 20millions americans converted to Islam last year,insyaAllah american will be a muslim country 1 day Like · Reply · 12 · 31 May at 11:10 via mobile Hipolito Solis Luzon I just hope and pray that God/Allah will enlighten the heart and mind of everyone so they can live into righteousness... Like · Reply · 10 · 31 May at 00:05 via mobile Funda Oz Irene you are so naive. I feel sorry for you. Have you at least tried reading and probably educating yourself rather then going by what you hear and see in media. Our god kills? Seriously. Oh and please do yourself a favour by probably learning how to write properly. *people *believe *oder *only Like · Reply · 11 · 31 May at 08:45 via mobile Ansar Suaib the real jihad allahu akbar,, Like · Reply · 9 · 31 May at 19:41 Analeah Abdallah Shame on you !!! Obama ... she's better than you ... maybe U can fool ur self but nt everyone ... i salute that courageous lady ... ds shows dat nt ol Americans R d sem ... Like · Reply · 9 · 31 May at 02:34 Fateema Binta Lawal very soon islam will dominate the world insha Allah Like · Reply · 9 · 31 May at 01:37 via mobile 1 Reply Charmaine Khan our voices are never heard thats why theres so much war going on in this world...sad place we live in:-( Like · Reply · 8 · 31 May at 00:45 via mobile Hadi Nor Dia bukan back-up Muslim tapi tuntut equality among Americans. Treat everyone well and no one will be harmed by pihak yg tak puas hati (mostly Muslim kat US). Tu yg aku faham la dari kata2 dia. Like · Reply · 6 · Friday at 18:47 via mobile Iqbal Gulam Bhuta ALLAHU AKBAR.....STOP KILLING INNOCENT MUSLIMS.STORMS AND TORNEDOS COMING ON YOU...ALLAHU AKBAR.....ALLAHUAKBAR...ALLAHU AKBAR... Like · Reply · 6 · 31 May at 19:12 Shujaat Qazi USA spreading terrorism for their own benefits I salute to girl for her braveness Like · Reply · 7 · 31 May at 16:01 via mobile Shaznay Khan I think this lady had more courage being a non muslim to speak our minds out in the open to the world where as our own muslim brothers n sisters hu are to scared to speak out u go girl. Like · Reply · 7 · 31 May at 07:24 via mobile Tauffek Ilyas yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we should stop this nonsense ... peace not war ... one love everybody no matter what race and religion you are ,, im muslim myself.. peace Like · Reply · 5 · 2 June at 10:05 Priya Mol 100% correct Like · 7 June at 16:14 Write a reply... Asma Azzakirah Mohd Fauzi I hate reading the comments. Can't you just not say things that will hurt or make other people offended. Just watch the video and leave. Unless you have something useful to say that is not overreacting personal feelings and won't be condemned. Like · Reply · 5 · Thursday at 15:03 Matin Ajiz i'm speechless if an American woman feel that killing of innocent Muslims are wrong then why it's happening, killing of innocent people is prohibited in Islam, According to Islam it is a great sin to kill an innocent person, and anyone who does so will suffer great torment in the hereafter it is mentioned in quran. (Qur'an 5: 32) (Qur'an 25: 68) (Qur'an 6: 151) if you read the holy quran once inshallah you will realise that Islam is not terror, islam is not killing innocent people, it's a guidance from Allah to the humanity not only for muslims for the humanity, Like · Reply · 5 · 5 June at 17:42 Markus Thiemann Supporting Islam is opening the Gate of Hell! Allah is Satan, a Murderer and a thief! Like · Reply · 6 · 5 June at 16:23 6 Replies Matthew Peh At the end of the day, all we want is peace for all & the world. No matter what color, race or religion we are. Remember that whatever we do now will always have an impact on the future & the generations to come. Love with peace.. Like · Reply · 5 · 5 June at 09:15 via mobile Alamin Rimel thank nyou sister Like · Reply · 4 · 31 May at 19:14 Olayinka Sherif Oladiplenty Thank God she ain't a muslim, else..... U all knw wat dey'll call her. Islam will surely prevail. Insha Allah Like · Reply · 5 · 31 May at 18:59 via mobile Chiroma Mai Mana ALLAHU AKBAR' ALLAHU AKBAR"KABEERA. Like · Reply · 5 · 31 May at 07:28 via mobile Lubin Chiew I defend humanity Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 00:01 Shaheed Baba T Yusuf Allahu Akbar Like · Reply · 3 · 31 May at 07:13 Zaam Axdi allahu akbar Like · Reply · 3 · 31 May at 03:25 Eryna Qaireen wow!.. i am so proud of her and wanna say many thanks for give big lesson for me.. but i am curious, what happen to her after that ?? .. Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 05:07 Nurul Amnie i love her she is so compassionate with her words. she knows what she's saying. she knows whats best. she voiced out the truth. May Allah bless her. Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 03:58 Abdul Hakeem Alhassan AllaahuAkbar!! AllaahuAkbar!!! Like · Reply · 3 · 2 June at 18:02 via mobile Faiz Ahmed I applaud this woman. We all should watch this. Like · Reply · 4 · 1 June at 20:00 via mobile Aminul Haque she is really good, here is her profile - Like · Reply · 3 · 31 May at 22:48 Imtiaz Rehman ALLAH PAK BE PROTECT HER ..... MASHAAALLAH Like · Reply · 4 · 31 May at 19:50 Shafee Sardar "KHULIL HAQQU WA IN KAANA MURRAN" May Allah bless you sister....... Like · Reply · 4 · 31 May at 19:42 Ashik Ashraf They can kill muslim.but never kill "ISLAM." Like · Reply · 4 · 31 May at 19:05 via mobile Shafitri Abu Bakar May Allah open her mind and her heart to revert to be a muslimah...InsyaAllah Like · Reply · 3 · 31 May at 17:17 Eina-Mardhiah Chee Tarang ma shaa allah!!! may Allah s.w.t make her a good muslimah in shaa allah, Allahumma ameen!!! Like · Reply · 4 · 31 May at 09:35 Ansumana Dukuly Islam is my religion i luv it 100% Like · Reply · 4 · 31 May at 07:45 Najeeb Hussain why are the non muslims having to stand up for the muslims? have we come to such a low state? Like · Reply · 10 · 30 May at 23:18 4 Replies 56 of 1,131 View more comments Write a comment...

Sabtu, 6 Julai 2013

Waktu Berbuka Puasa dan Imsak Perak

Jumaat, 5 Julai 2013

Hukum makan dan jimak di waktu sahur tiba-tiba azan subuh berkumandang- ...


Ramai yang keraguan tentang status puasa bagi
mereka yang terus makan ketika azan subuh sudah kemundang dalam bulan ramadhan.
Ada sebilangan mereka menyatakan, ketika sedang sahur, lalu kedengaran azan,
maka teruskan makan sahur selesai makan. Pada mereka, hukum puasa itu adalah
Alasan mereka adalah kepada satu hadis yang
dirawayatkan oleh Imam al-Baihaqi yang dinilai saheh mengikut syarat Imam
Muslim, iaitu hadis yang bermaksud;
seseorang daripada kamu mendengar azan dan bekas makanan ada dihadapan kamu,
maka janganlah letakkan bekas makanan tersebut (berhenti makan) sehinggalah
kamu menyelesaikan hajat kamu (habiskan makanan)"
Sebagai memberi penjelasan terhadap perkara
ini adalah perbahasan seperti berikut;
Satu : Firman
Allah yang bermaksud;
"makan dan minumlah hingga nyata benang putih hingga benang
hitang dari fajar" (surah al-baqarah, ayat 187)
Ayat ini
menjadi dalil qatie subut bahawa tahap waktu sahur adalah sebelum azan fajar..
apabila sudah fajar, tidak boleh makan lagi. jika makan juga, maka puasanya
tidak sah, wajib diqadha' pada hari lain...

Kedua : adapun
hadis riwayat al-Baihaqi pula bersifat ahad dan sudah pasti sifatnya Zanni
al-Subut dan Zanni al-Dilalah. apabila ia bercanggah dengan maksud al-quran
yang mengatakan sekadar fajar sahaja boleh makan, maka sudah pasti hadis ini
perlu diihtimalkan.

ketiga : Dilihat kepada beberapa hadis, didapati
ada hadis lain bahawa Nabi SAw pernah berkata yang bermaksud;
"Sesunggunya bilal bin rabah melaungkan azan pada waktu
malam.. maka makan dan minumlah sehingga azan dilaungkan pula oleh Abdullah
Ummi Maktum" (Muwatta')..
hadis di atas diihtimalkan pada azan pertama yang berlaku sebelum subuh, iaitu
azan mengejutkan orang bangun tahajud. Adapun bila azan subuh kemundang, maka
tidak boleh lagi makan sahur.

Ahad, 3 Mac 2013

RAKYAT MARHAEN: Masa untuk bersatu melawan musuh, bukan berbalah s...

RAKYAT MARHAEN: Masa untuk bersatu melawan musuh, bukan berbalah s...: Sekarang, kita perlukan ahli politik untuk berhenti menyalahkan antara satu sama lain dan menuduh antara satu sama lain menghasut se...

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